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te w Tfb a'msfed no^ to press for reunification of the in Ku/nn g .. ^ s Viidehls 'ecrchming '“Slun 3nt Xui-' wu»t”'“f"r.d™h . hietel clubs charged from streets Scores of policemen-and students ^around the i^pus, repeatedly fore* ‘ were irjured Thursday.'Ofllcers with ihg police back during th&ibuf»h our Ruth Gruhn has retimied to Wilson Butte to conflrm dates By ADRIENNE TOOMEY Times-Meu/s wr iter . Secord, said full-time staff work seven days a this procedure still would protect each week. defendant’s constitutional rights “We take Wednesday afternoons off against the prejudicial use of immu- • Sec CAVE on Page A2 nized congressional testimony. Court rules against pre-trial testimony *~the condi Soh that Clemenis not bring any claims against law en- , forcement authorities. Several officers hit combat fatigues and visored helmets by firebombs screamed os they were Hred thousands of tear gas bombs os covered in blazing gasoline. Polof Flood 4 Od no lalor ihon Friday, salosporson ol ono ol Iho . White supremacist says he’s conspiracy target BOISE (AP) — White supremacist ' Keith Gilbert says he isn't about to apologize to onyone'fo? And-ha-maintains-that-his-prison these people to shut me up and get me out of town," he told (J. District r Rynn, shb'rtly afler he was sentenced to an extra 16 months State receives AIDS grant BOISE (AP) - The Idaho Department of Hcalth and Welfare has receive d a 8.000 grant fromj Lh^federal J^ent V^ trol to establish new programs for prevention of acquired immune de-. ficicncy' syndrome among Hispanica, American Indians and blacks. EDEN - In the recesses of Wilson Butte Cqyp, archaeologists crouch in. — w-Trowcls-and-brushe^in' hand,- they- painstakingly peel back millenniums ofhistbryoneyearatatimc. Wilson Butte Cave has attracted lo- cal archaeology buffs for decades. ment District archaeologist, the cave The Associated Press lay unprotected even though it is listed on the National Register of His- WASHINGTON — The prosecution •“toric Places. North to be the lead- ’It s on public land, -and the BLa I ott dclendanrnnh'e'firsl offour Tr¥n^ couldn't do anything because it’s so re- -Contra, .conspiracy trials but.sug-- mote.” Lytle says. first; - events Geseil ruled Wednesday that , four separate trials were necessary to al- low one defendant, say North, to use th e immu niz ed congressional testi - mony of Hakim br Poindexter, for ex^ •' -ample,-a B-evidence- to- d efend-the — ~ ■‘charges against him. Clements was arrested lost December as police were searching the home of a kindergarten child, who told them he hod found the LSD he and two first-graders had taken on thekitchen floor at home. ' BLACKFOOT(AP) — A Shelley' man has been charged with vehic- ular manslaughter' and drunken driving iii connection'wilh on aca- . The cave's artifacts also intrigue profes- sional orchaeqlogists, and some coi P~ sider Wilson Butte among the most significant archaeological sites in North'America. "In the future, well gested trying him with former na-_ probably put a gate across the cave's . Poin- CTtrphce or sot UP s o me sort of ele c- dexter. The judge ruled that because the in- dependent counsel statute dealt with wrongdoing by high-level govemmenti officials. He gave woisn until bri- ' ' day to designate the lead-off de- fendant. “dent earlier this week that left'a^IO-year-old boydead:- Johh Jakes Bell, 20, will face a June 17 preliminary hearing on the felony charges, that also include leaving the scene of on accident. Hi- signiflcimt dolnys;-Fnir" w;i-iitiicr is forecast for the period Sat- urday Ihrougli Tuesday, The oxti'iidcii (iijtlook for Southern from 76 to W will be in the 40s. 'Classified ads, gill 73n-062fi Mon day thfeinph 1 Saturdays from 8 a.m. Infomiitinn on dis- play ads is available wcekday.s only. on the economy, on politics, on any And, if that infcorefers with afiairs of" _Lan T-Spcakc6 and ,\f;rhnni V ri finy. , inc prosecution w itnesses, th e major- granted judgmen Libr. Blackfoot Tlw Su^ine^urt-decidrt^^^ ^uj^ly television l£\wyers doctors sued by the parents of a 2Vii- -day tnovcr Uiro^o 1981 dwision and . l S*'ilno‘*eooks“”^^^^^ loow V^lw ' COMhfu^r TY^Ss Wo oiler on-o«Xn“^?

Both HIVl'and Hf V2 have been found in AIDS patients in Africa, but only one patient has been found in the United State's to bo in fe cted with HIV2, That patient, who died in this country, is believed to have been in- . — Levy--Baid-hi8-groap“Ifio Iated”il S“ strain of Hl V^from a blood sam ple talceh from a nat Iv Fbf Mali w Ho was hospitalized in Ivory Coast, a West Af- rican nation. details'of ite 'vtte.'-No date ' 7hs Tatij Bl-agiw Htfe^0“^ tntearin g. “ing training or at an annual refresher course and to fly 3 Canadians escape prison i MONTREAL (AP) — Three inmates shot a guard and took two hostages Thursday while escaping from one of Canada’s oldest and most notorious prisons. a power line Thursday and crashed in a field along a heavily traveled highway, ' killing its three-man American crew, a military spokes- monsaid. The legislation, which was approved 68-24, also would prevent employers from taking adverse actions Spokesman Sgt. Light winds in tho morning becoming west from 10 to 16 mph in the afternoon. Partly cloudy ' toaight and Saturday with isolated ; showors. high- Flint, Mich., tied a_rac=rd law of ■■onc.mchhoi Ut Limn^^^^^^^ _ high. complete investigations and get into have rejected tho preliminary hearing ' - ; Martba, the sister, testified at the lengthy cro.'ss-examination. and 0 junlori Bonior high school gopendoni business poople P(otoj S|onai Stan at inito ^ ^ schedule and conduct lours music loachor. J44.1 0 for fi-monih., jm 20 — Buhl-Gnstlef^ ' ' ' Sui u UV-.m K t’l 40 prr' iilontb: »ltf.-Ju for J-motilha." Filer-Rogcrsbn^Holhsu-r ; '' 32(r.'j37! i7Sitit'trtl Mn«fghn‘ovcflf Tne Krcvl:~B6isoil5ctor‘iould Ttoibe-~ Key witnesses in the trial were-the ticc Allan Shepard, the majority said denco'the prosecutor could use li Tler. cause it was not established that he victim; Elisondo's sister, Martha; and his daughter, Christina, witnesses to preliminary hearings are not. • • sure wc Tl be a good friend of whoever; ' • "It’s clear that the vice president you decide to elect.” However, 'noting The presidential contenders looked doesn’t think that his own record or Dukakis’ ability to speak Spanish flu^ ' “ffddilioh Bl'hoar3followlngtralntngnnd-rchcckoiirtastr~prl5on~=^cre‘found walking on a road o Bou TSO' called "initial operating experience." The FAA requires southeast of the prison, simulator tests of pilots and initial operating experi- Fournier said earlier the guard taken hostage was , ence of copilots who work for major airlines. Scu Ui win'da from 10 to 20 mph ahif Ung to the west in late morning. Partly cloudy tonight and Satur- ' day, breo^ ond cooler with isolated . ^ • the western Plains and in the Colo- the Tennessee Valley and northern other record lows for the datb rado Rockies. *.- — ihem-the-lob-on-wheole-beceu Be-Wi — ^mal-bonesr^ : Icmporaturcn ore cxpvctcd neroits tho state through Tuesdiiy. Otherwl M dry weather is lent tiirousl Torecast in the valleys Saturday ivrcd showc through Tuesday ns high pressure re- w Ml not cnui builds over tho stale. In another decision released Thurs- the defense, hcr'preliminary hearing pose is to make a finding of probable doiy, tho court unanimously reversed , -testimohywas admitted at Elisondo’s cause, as contrasted with the estab- - a~7th~~Di 5 tr i c t ' Court~dcci8ion"in a' trial and he was convicted. ‘ believed wounded by gunfire, but later denied i L The changes ore among improvemehts to pilot rules Police throughout the Montreal area launched • a ' ' ' ' " • • • - .... S mall had was rep orted ^kansas and as farwes T m the ca M-_ Thursdoy were Duluth. Temperntun-s ’ wi-ntlicr is f will bo above normal in southewstom urdny throu Idaho today. lishment of guilt beyond a reasonable Bingham County medical malpractice The Court of Appeals.

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