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Besides the classic career of research associate or doctoral candidate via a postdoc to teaching and research assignments as a member of the senior academic staff, we have developed an alternative career path as a research expert or research manager within the research management structure, with a long-term perspective, own financial and managerial responsibilities and development opportunities.A switch to a position as a professional, expert or manager in administration, ICT, HR, engineering, finance, etc.Here, the contemporary dance company joins up with the amazingly athletic performers from Namstrops, a Japanese group with a special focus on kinetic energy, and Sun Fool, who designs the show's striking pop-up paper artworks.Teaming their individual talents in this vibrantly energetic production, the artists stirringly connect sporting endeavor to goal-setting and self-fulfillment for young audiences.The You Re Ca Career Center explicitly focuses on the needs and wants of young researchers.

The children's workshop cultivates children's focus and expressive capacity with the joy of dance.All international KU Leuven staff receive a 10% reduction on the annual tuition fee.For more information about entry fees, you can consult the website Not only general training courses (computer, language courses and courses in personal, interactive and managerial skills, ...) but also a range of training courses specifically aimed at young researchers (Ph D students, postdocs, assistant professors).KU Leuven also pays attention to the approach of other life domains.

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