Dating men who are too busy

Go ahead and scroll through Pinterest without fear (because they won’t be looking! If a birthday or an anniversary is on its way, use this time to plan ahead.

Create a list of things you want to do together but haven’t found the chance to do so.

Maybe someone is studying for the bar exam and barely has time to take care of themselves, or has a job they know requires all their time and energy right now.

Whatever it is, they’re able to recognize that diving into a relationship just isn’t sensible at this point.

My boyfriend often comes home early and waits for me until I can call.

During this time, he likes to write his novel and then later tells me his progress.

If their schedule opens up in the future and they pursue you, great.

If not, you’re too busy with your own thing to worry about it anyway.

Invite them over for tea or simply chat them up online.

There are some dating clichés that are all too familiar—“it’s not you, it’s me” and “I really like you, but I’m not ready to be in a relationship” immediately come to mind.

And now there’s a new one making the rounds: “I’m too busy for a relationship right now.” It has all the makings of a dating cliché, but experts say it might be more than just a flimsy excuse..

Was she late for your Friday Netflix movie marathon? I am in one of those relationships that presents double the challenge: not only is my partner away from me, but we’re both super busy most of the time.

Believe it or not, what keeps us close are our individual hobbies (he’s into keeping aquariums and I love baking). Sometimes, we’re just overwhelmed with everything in our lives (yes, including our relationships).

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