Dating roi et girls

Be informed that they’re usually asking for a minimum of 3 drinks (usually shots). The atmosphere is kind of more relaxed, the room is darker and the coyote girls are going up on stage only once in a while when the live band needs a break.Drinks are 120 Baht for all ladies and some of the most attractive ones may ask for 5 (! Don’t come too early if you want to see action, even at 11am there’s only a bunch of guys around but the good thing is you have a better selection of girls before midnight. At least this is what I felt when I came here last week and found there is more nightlife than in more famous provinces in the region like Buriram. You will be surprised by how much Roi Et has to offer after sunset.Thai style setting with lots of round tables all around, virtually no dance floor in front of the stage – people dance in their groups at the table while sharing a bottle of whiskey.Lots and lots of young and cute local girls here and different to the Thai clubs in Bangkok it’s not uncommon here that they’re looking for eye contact and invite you to join their group drinking at their table.Rong Beer Pavilion is the other hugely popular party place in Roiet for locals and expats (not that there were many) of all ages.

Well, it’s more like a restaurant but it has a life band, huge screen showing live sports (if you want to watch English Premier League games that’s the place to go) and there’s alcohol on most tables of the locals who are preferably eating Thai barbecue or the typical five or more different types of Isaan dishes they share with each other. Just 50 meters around the street corner from Suki Lao is Hub 5, another great place to start your night out in Roi Et. The outdoor bar has an extremely nice and modern setting, there’s a live band and there are also very attractive hostesses in white dresses that happily sit and chat with you if you share your drinks with them.

So don’t make the mistake and come just for two or three nights or you will leave with regrets missing out on that other coyote bar, night club or simply just found out how many of those small special massage salons there are that you first didn’t even notice.

The Thai word for nightlife is “tîao glaang kʉʉn” (เที่ยวกลางคืน) which literally translates as “trip in the middle of the night”.

Don’t be surprised though when you order a Mai Tai that costs 100 Baht according to the menu but when the bill comes up it’s suddenly 150 Baht.

When you ask them to explain the price difference they will say the 50 Baht extra is for adding the alcohol.

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