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Children of this age have difficulty in thinking about their own perspective and that of another person simultaneously (John, p. The analytical stage (7–11) is a period of huge change for children's development during which they begin to appreciate more abstract concepts such as value for money and start to develop understanding of advertisers’ intentions.

Having achieved this he is now a Foundation Professional and works for IBM in sales and marketing.

After the age of 11, children's processing capabilities become much more strategic and they begin to understand another person's perspective as it relates to the social group or system to which that other person belongs.

After entering senior school most children start to appreciate complex notions of a market economy, the social significance of brands and can also start to develop some scepticism towards claims made by advertisers (eg appreciate that a celebrity is being paid to endorse a product).

This paper examines the evidence behind these concerns, gives an overview of the codes currently in place to regulate online advertising to children and presents a review of the commercial practice on some of the websites currently popular with UK primary school children aged 9–11.

Most of the sites accessed by today's children are not specifically targeted at them.

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