Dating site for people in recovery

It happens, often for reasons even more minor than this.I admire people who can own up to their issues and take steps to recovery, but I know it won't mesh with my lifestyle so I make it known early to avoid situations like this.One that people would understand without questioning. You're assuming she was being completely honest with you about her reasons. everyone has their personal reasons and without their perspective, it's difficult to question it.You’d hope that at our age, we could have open truthful dialogue . And totally useless to dissect it, cause understanding her isn't going to help to understand what anyone else would think of you. you're free to move on and now available to be with someone who won't be critical of your past.Maybe she likes "fix it" projects - she wants to fix him and make him a better person.

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Singles in all of toxicity for dating, aa dating site for mate1. Welcome to local christian dating website; web cams in recovery mode?I often think this is why people say "be yourself." It's really because the other side wants to see your red flags flapping in the wind from a safe distance.You don't understand why she would choose someone with so many issues over someone responsible like you, but you know the possible answer(s) already.You are describing Codependent behaviors when you stated she has no intention of ending the relationship with him after a DUI and jail time.if this is the case & she is unaware of how she has been effected she will continue to seek out what she knows (dysfunction, addicted individuals ect). She wasn’t interested in continuing the relationship and picked the lowest hanging fruit as an excuse to leave without her looking like the bad guy. Hahaha Kidding aside, I find her behavior puzzling, and pretty bizarre as well.

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