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Emphasizing the importance of tourism in Senegal, President Abdoulaye Wade set a goal of attracting 1.5 million tourists in 2010.However, those working in the tourism industry say that figure is still far-off and blame the world economic crisis and rising airfare costs for a recent downturn in visitors.Last spring, the French news program, "66 Minutes," investigated female sex tourism in Saly and the growing number of marriages between European women and local men, often with vast age differences. Needless to say, Saly's residents were not pleased with the story's release and have become rather wary of the media. — Valentine's Day, no less — when I first ventured into Les Etages, a nightclub that opened two years ago and has become a veritable hunting ground for tourists — male and female — on the prowl.Going undercover, female reporters recorded via hidden camera the young men propositioning them on the beach. Inside, female prostitutes, some wearing more makeup than clothes, ringed the club's perimeter.Hotel managers complain of the downturn in business.They say some tourists now prefer to rent vacation homes where they can go about their business in private.After the calibration, the setup was used to study bole seashells from the Khant area in the northern part of Senegal (West Africa).

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“That gives you an idea of why they’re here,” Ba said. They don’t want to say anything bad about it, but I say it is ruining this town.” Peak season in Saly is between November and April."I haven't met her yet," he said, "The woman who's not so old, who loves me, who's willing to do anything.The woman who will get me a visa and a plane ticket out of here." The resort town of Saly, on the Atlantic coast, 55 miles south of Dakar, bears the dubious distinction as the epicenter of sex tourism in Senegal. “They like men with rastas who play the djembes [drums]. Before they leave, they give me a bit cash to help me out." Some call it male prostitution, while others say it's just women doing what middle-aged men have been doing for centuries: Taking up with someone half their age and giving that new friend an all-expenses-paid ride in exchange for sex and a new lease on life.He pointed out the gifts tourists send him: CDs, USB drives, a guitar, an MP3 player and a DVD player. But, others in Senegal say it is not that innocent.

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