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This is of course from the wife's perspective and so now you understand why this will be a lonely night for her and myself. As she is so ripping her husband about all of this infidelity, she asks me as a man what I thought. It seems she was not interested in sex with him anyway, and someone else was; and because someone actually cared to pay attention to what he needed, he decided to "use it rather than lose it." This, of course, made the woman terribly upset. Dating should not be a game of "political correctness".Sadly I had to tell her the truth as this was invited. I asked her the simple question: "Assuming you and I become a couple, and you are fascinated with this new relationship, would you have issues having sex with me? Why'd I want to have sex with a man who agrees with my husband cheating on me? Otherwise I would find myself in the same shoes as her soon to be former spouse.

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Italian full-grown blonde mincing go to the little boys unerring fuck.Nonetheless, if she was this way with her husband during their marriage, I can honestly say this is a person a man should avoid.In either event it was a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" proposition and this was not the kind of person I would want to kick off a new relationship with.She proceeded to tell me all about her failed marriage. Oh I had empathy for her, but she insisted on honesty, which meant the truth.Well this may be true, it certainly sounded like a failed marriage as she explained it. That's not what she wanted to hear even though it may very well be the truth. I take it then, sometimes its okay to lie to a woman and just tell her what she wants to hear rather than what you think? My feel on her pulse was that she was upset about a situation that in the final analysis was no loss to her, but could have turned into a gain.

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