Dating tips eye contact

You mistake the attraction for something real when it is just that, attraction.

Mistaking eye contact attraction for a bond that might not be there can be super dangerous, especially if it is only felt on one end and the other person isn’t feeling the same magic.

It is about finding something exotic in the person underneath.

It is both a blessing for those who find instant love and a curse for two people who can’t seem to get past the attraction to see they might not be good for one another.

[Read: The 12 rules of attraction, as explained by science] #3 No matter how angry you are with one another, there is a bind that ties you when your eyes meet.

No matter how angry you become with someone when you look into their eyes, you can’t hold onto the anger.

When two hearts combine just from looking at one another, it makes you believe in soul mates and all the things that come with believing there is only one real love for you.Anger is the closest feeling to lust, so it does make for some pretty awesome makeup sex.[Read: Secrets of a love-hate relationship – Can it ever work?] #4 There is an instant spark when you look into each other’s eyes.You know when you are in love and you look over at your mate, and you’re overcome with love?

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