Dating winchester rifles

Frankly, I would like to see it fully disassembled, but I realize that would be asking too much of you (or anyone else).Any clear pictures you can provide will be greatly appreciated.These pages were scanned from documents compiled over the years by the customer service department of Winchester Repeating Arms.None of the page scans are of original documents but are simply transcribed information typed into a word processing program.

They use these documents as a reference and the documents should be limited to that use.Click the image below to download the PDF document containing the serial number date-range information on many Winchester firearms.You will need the Adobe Reader program to open this file. THE HISTORY OF WINCHESTER HISTORIC SERIAL NUMBER RECORDS.Discovering the history of your Winchester can be an easy, straightforward process that will enhance the enjoyment of ownership. You should be able to identify the make, caliber and type of firearm.Most often, the information you need will be found in any instruction manual you have for the weapon.

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