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You will find cheating wife stories, stories about the sneaky husband all the way to the stories about the boyfriend and his lap dances.

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As soon as my buddy saw the picture of my wife he said “Is that your wife?

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of course I am like this when i do not know people, but when I am with y friend, I can be funny, smiling all the time and I think ...on the ist sept my husband said he needed to get a way to my horror hed been having an affair … I saw kissmark near the right nipple of my wife The night after having a reunion with her friends,we were on the bed ready to make love. I Am Having an Affair With a Married Man - "I know it's wrong but.." I Am Having an Affair With a Married Man I am single but still...Newlywed hb cheated w/many women - "I found out, he has cheated on every woman he has been with" I met my hb online, wasnted really interested at first, a yr later he found me on FB. But i was wondering why,the reaction of my wife was quite different. The Fantasy Truth -"In another picture, naked men by her side" I have been married for 6 years with a lady who is very smart & intelligent. I never thought I would ever end up on a site like this admitting (even though its … "I am cheating on my husband with my ex girlfriend" I met her in high school.She cheated with a co-worker - "No, time does not heal all wounds" My wife got a job at a factory, which was a godsend because we were hurting for money.After about a year she started becoming somewhat distant, but at …

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