Dating zildgian cymbals

Jazz drumming is unique in so many ways, not least the sounds that the drummer has at his or her disposal via their drum set.

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Alex Saliner – Australia, Deez Nuts The 20” A Custom Ride is my favorite to play live by far. I crash on my Ride for the most part, so Rides don't last me to long, but the 20” A Custom Ride has held up the best. The bell cuts through screaming guitars and it crashes loud enough to match a blaring organ.

The brilliant-finish bottom opens up the sound to deliver a functional crash. Honest, road tested feedback from our Artist Family who are hands on with our Cymbals everyday of their lives.

Of course there’s no substitute for putting wood to metal at your local Zildjian Dealer, so if something here has piqued your interest, get down to your drum shop to try it out for yourself! Tell others what you love about it in the comment section below!

It sounds explosive, with a beautiful brilliant finish, and a sweet bell on it. Daniel Platzman – USA, Imagine Dragons Great tone, rich and complex while not too bright, and it Crashes great! Really lovely tones and flavors, but with lots of control.

A beautifully dynamic cymbal, perfect for our sound. Grant Gerathy – Australia, John Butler Trio I only use two cymbals and with the 20” K Zildjian Crash Ride cymbal, I could use only one.

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