Decode his body language dating voice interface must be shutdown before updating configuration

What […] Want to know why guys lose interest so quickly early on in the relationship? Q: I’m 33 and keep attracting the same kinds of guys who pursue me for about a month and seem really into me, but then all of sudden they disappear.

It seems like these guys just lose […] Your gut might tell you he’s cheating, but is it just insecurity messing with your head?

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It’s what makes a man fall in love and feel like you’re the only one for him.

One that sounds a lot like English but has subtle nuances that leave you scratching your head.

Let’s call this secret guy language “manspeak.” Men don’t always say what they mean and sometimes they say what they mean, but […] Are you sick of your man telling lies all the time?

He’s shown signs that he’s interested, but maybe he’s just being friendly?

Or maybe he’s really into you and wants to be more than friends?

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