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He has not revealed any information about his childhood life.His educational background has not been disclosed yet.

SIDE NOTES: Lil Scrappy is a member of the Gangster Disciples which is a gang apart of the Folk Nation.

I called again and said why you ain’t pickin up the phone. Just tell me f**k you or somethin.”“So check this s**t out. I’d duck and dodge and walk up out that mothaf***a, ya feel me… But this wasn’t how I was raised and I only used these methods two or three times. Please don’t hit em by any means but if you do, make sure you knock they a** out cuz if not, she goin whoop yo a**.” While he never confirmed that he was speaking about Diamond when he mentioned body slamming an ex, it was pretty much assumed by most that he was indeed referring to Diamond, the only female he’s publicly admitted he’d ever had such strong feelings for.

Lil Scrappy songs have become the most popular songs in the fraternity of music.

In June of this year [2009] it will be Brooke and Scrappy's 2nd year of dating.

He Do Mess With diamond Him & Young Fresh Of The Blood… Diamond and Lil Scrappy aren't even together anymore.

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