Dish guide not updating

Are you the type that likes to sit down and flip through channels until you find the one?

Maybe for you, the one is a rerun of Jurassic Park 3 on FX, or watching a few touchdowns on NFL Redzone, or (gulp) With the risk of sounding dramatic, price hikes are easily in the top 10 worst things about TV subscriptions.

Sigh, if only could have stayed the same since the 90’s.

You’ve got five different DISH channel packages to choose from.

When you look at a side-by-side comparison, it might look like DIRECTV is cheaper.

Reason being, DIRECTV charges a cheap introductory rate for the first year of your contract, and then your monthly rate doubles in the second year.

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Aim for a bundle deal that saves you at least a month.

Well, guess what—price hikes aren’t a thing with DISH.

You get what you pay for, and your monthly bill should stay the same.

Much like the loose-cannon cop that always solves the case in the end. You’ll save –15 going with a two-year contract, which saves you 0–0 over the length of the contract.

It says limited time, but that offer has been on the table for, like, the past two years.

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