Does active directory lock when updating datingcummunity com

Did you verify you entered the users UUID correctly?That error occurs when the UUID is not formatted properly.I've had 3 cases of mobile account users on High Sierra (10.13.3) changing their Active Directory password then finding the password doesn't get updated for File Vault. The updated password works in mac OS once File Vault is unlocked by another user.The only workaround we've found in to remove the user from File Vault and add them back again.If you don't have a local secure token enabled user, you can re-create one by deleting the .Apple Setup Done file from /var/db/ and creating a new "first" admin account that gets a secure token.

We found that if the user updated their AD password off machine, and the machine was on wifi, the computer password and preboot password did not update.

Has anyone seen any improvements with FV password syncing in 10.13.4?

I changed my AD password via Users & Groups on my primary Mac, but FV on a different Mac I use just will not sync up at all.

Yes we’ve been getting quite a few cases like that.

Suddenly unable to login to the mobile account with any credentials. Had to remove and redo the profile account and other times reinstall mac OS, or fresh install.

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