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In 1794, James Madison was a US Congressman and the capital was in Philadelphia when Dolley lived.

He became in interested in her and asked her friend Aaron Burr, who was a frequent guest at the boarding house managed by Mary Payne, to introduce her.

Dolley Madison was the wife of President James Madison. James Madison was the fourth president of The United States of America. His vice presidents were George Clinton and Elbridge Gerry. James Madison and Dolley Madison never had children but Dolley had one child beforre she met James Madison. (Dolloey's full name is Dorthea Dandling Paine Todd Madison.) Dolley Madison was the wife of President James Madison and acted as first lady while widower Jefferson was in office.

Dolley held many social engagements while in the White House and was known for her hospitality and social graces.

Dolley Madison, wife of the 4th President of the United States James Madison was born in N. The first lady born in 1768 in North Carolina who was raised as a Quaker was Dolley Madison. issac madison ,james jr,james and nelly madison,james sr father of james madison,his mother elanor conway,grandfather ambrose madison,brother in law thomas chew,wife dolley,james madison known as colonel madison,james jr the widow and frances James Madison (the 4th president of the United States, who died in 1836) was never married to Dolly Parton (a well endowed country music star, who was born in 1946).

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Their acting was so good and their on-screen chemistry so convincing that rumors starting floating that they are in love and having a relationship.

The person who pushes the dolly along is called the dolly grip.

I was told by a Toyota dealer that I cannot dolly tow a car (AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION) with the drive wheels on the ground.

After her first husband passed away, she married John Hancock, and then her legal married name was Dorothy Quincy Hancock Scott. She has been married since May 30, 1966, to Carl Thomas Dean, a very private man, who once was in business as an asphalt paver and is now retired, looking after their estate and developing properties. She has been married since May 30, 1966, to Carl Thomas Dean, a former asphalt paving businessman, now retired.

The couple like to go riding in their RV together and spend time in a secluded cabin on a river in the…

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