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Meteor Garden is aimed at young people and therein, Wang channeled the bad boy charm which caught many hearts swooning over him.

he’s also all about romanticism and cuteness even as the leader of the show’s fancy clique, known as the F4.

Since he made his elite statement on Meteor Garden, his star has continually been on the rise, with numerous roles in tow.

Also in 2018, he joined the cast of the variety show, The Inn 2 shown on Hunan TV, in the second season.

“Bob swoops up a [large] slice [of cake], circles the table, then plasters the gooey dessert in my face,” writes Shain in “Seeing the Real You at Last.” Later, after she returns fire, Dylan “picks up the champagne bottle and pours it over my head.” Shain, an aspiring screenwriter and lifelong Dylan fanatic, began dating Dylan’s road manager, Ernie, in 1985. ‘Oh, Bob,’ I wind up gushing, ‘I think Ernie’s the smartest guy I’ve ever known.’ “ ‘Smart! He shared with her that in the early days, Dylan “was so broke in New York he sold his body for 20 bucks a pop” and also that he had used heroin. ’” After critics lambasted shows on his 1987 tour, he read one of the reviews while a glowing article about Michael Jackson, featuring a picture of him and his chimp, Bubbles, stared him down from the opposite page.

Shain mentioned that her famous heartbreak had been Bob Dylan, and asked the woman who hers had been. “‘Oh God, I hope yours wasn’t Bob Dylan,’ I blurt out.

As the three of them took in a movie — Dylan liked to see movies made by or starring people he knew — Shain says he asked her, when the two found themselves alone, what she saw in Ernie. Dylan — who had a home in Trump Tower at the time — was off to a party with his girlfriend, Carole, and several friends, including Shain, when he asked where they were going. The famed songwriter had some unique ideas for movies.

After exterminators were called to his girlfriend’s home, he was so impressed with them — “one young woman in particular” — that he decided he wanted to produce “a movie about termite inspectors.” He enlisted Shain to do a five-page report on their lives, but after getting it to him, the topic was never broached again.

Moreover, he was a 16th-level flight attendant before debuting in the entertainment industry.

In events leading up to his ultimate decision to fly with the acting flight, Dylan Wang entered for the Sichuan Campus Red Festival in 2016.

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