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In 2000, Bush carved up Al Gore like a Thanksgiving turkey. The bill was sponsored by a black man, Ed Jones of Colorado Springs. Entz a taste of what he supports, and find a conservative Hispanic to run against him in the next primary.

Reportedly Tom Tancredo enjoys some significant support from the hispanic sections of the state, so maybe Mr.

One of the places where the Brits found explosive fertilizer was Slough, which puts a whole new spin on this rather sour poem.

While it's hard to say that the Democrats had any truly attractive Presidential candidates, we should remember that there are risks as well as rewards for picking a candidate very early in the process.They're planning colonies on the moon, sending men to mars, blanketing the world with the Internet, keeping you from getting lost.They'll be figuring out how to keep missiles away and how to protect all this cool stuff we're building. Devotes 16 paragraphs of a 19-paragraph story to 12, count 'em, twelve "peace" protestors who are upset that we have nukes and Saddam didn't.Over the last two days, the illuminati of the US space industry have gathered in Colorado Springs to talk about the future of the US in space - military, civil, commercial, as they say. They're speaking on Mars, the moon, missile defense, satellite internet, satellite surveillance, mapping, surveying for crying out loud.They're discussing technologies that will let your car drive itself to the mechanic, and then come pick you up when it's fixed.

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