Embarassing dating stories

“My girlfriend and I were looking for a place to make ‘nookie’ since my roommate was in my room studying. Another knock, then the sound of a key going into the lock.It was a few days before classes started and the room next door to her room was still vacant, so we went in there and proceeded,” Dana explains. Room was pitch dark, so it was just sounds, but we heard voices out in the hall.” “In a panic, I threw a blanket — or something — over my girlfriend, grabbed my pants and tried to pull them on as I headed for the door to keep it from opening.— I once fell off a three-foot-high platform bed with a 200 pound man on top of me, landed on the concrete floor and got knocked out cold.I woke up not being able to see and was temporarily blind for a few hours from the impact. Here are six of our favorite embarrassing stories from dating. She mentioned a cat that had recently died and for some reason my brain just wouldn’t let that go so I started talking about all my dead pets. The food comes out, I go to grab my knife and fork but they’re not there. I figure since there’s no going back from this I continued devouring the steak like a hungry dog. He commandeered the laptop and wanted to show me the company website because he helped design it and wanted to show off a little. As the social anxiety clouds our judgement we can say and do some astoundingly stupid things. We asked some friends, coworkers and strangers what their single most disaster date was. Between the inexperience and the nerves I had very little to say so she did most of the talking. We’d walked around town for a bit deciding where to eat so at this point I’m starving. We settle on this bistro, sit down and I order a steak. He started telling me about how he works for his dad’s company during the summertime. I did it with a bit too much enthusiasm and caught her nose, there was so much blood. Mind you, this whole time I just laid there in fear of saying something that would embarrass him because he was a virgin.” “He looked up at me sweetly and asked, ‘How w-w-was it for you? You were between my thighs.’ He laughed it off, but was super embarrassed.When we finally did get around to actually [doing the deed], it was fantastic.” It was 1969 and Dana was a senior at UCLA.

It turns out he’d had a giant nose bleed all over me, and I basically looked like Carrie on prom night.” “My wife and I decided to add a little spice to our love life by using some aerosol whipped cream. We both had a little too much to drink.” However, that didn’t stop him from initiating intercourse with his wife that night. I began to feel the urge to ejaculate (or so I thought in my half drunken stupor).I got the can from the fridge and brought it to our dark bedroom, sprayed it all over her boobs and started to lick it off. The problem was that I was peeing instead of ejaculating.” Eliza recounts a story from her first year in college. His roommate was away for the weekend (or so we thought).So I just stayed down there, perfectly still, waiting for him to go.He talks for what seems like is eternity (probably only two minutes). you too Eliza.’ I thought I was going to die of embarrassment.” “I am the first to admit, I’m not a pro at giving head but I try,” says Trisha.

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