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“I learned this great word, ‘perseverate’, do you know what that means? “It’s like having an earworm but with a thought you just can’t get rid of.

Forrest is quite scathing about her own early work: “I was being printed because I was young – like a performing monkey.The journalist, novelist, screenwriter and now director – her debut, Untogether, is released this week – recently moved home after 20 years in America: 10 in New York City, 10 in Los Angeles where Untogether was filmed. If I’d gone back to where I grew up [Pimlico and Chiswick], I’d have waves of shame for behaviour from when I was a teenager.I don’t let myself wallow, so it dissipates quickly.So much art explores women with vices, problems, but in Untogether there is none of that common, romanticised spiralling of reckless behaviour.“Women especially can have a sense of emotional bulimia,” Forrest says. It comes with that: no feeling is final.” Forrest has long been vocal about her use of talking therapy (Your Voice…

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