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Try the FREE Hyperfish Analyzer Find out just how bad your Active Directory data really is.In your custom report you will see how you are faring with key attributes including Profile Pictures, Phone Numbers, and Job Titles, as well as learn the value of an up to date Directory.I readily admit this is an odd scenario but you may need it (I actually have).

If you develop client side solutions for Share Point you’ve either run into this or you will run into the following scenario.

I’m not going to go into how those regional/personal settings work but I will provide you a link to where Gregory Zelfond, gives a nice explanation: Setting proper Share Point Time Zone for users.

The first manipulation I made was to adjust the date field to the time zone of the “server”, when I say server I mean whatever regional setting is in effect for that “page”.

The REST endpoints that return the data for you give you the date string in a format that is specific to the regional settings of the person asking for them.

Sadly, this doesn’t translate as well to Java Script as you might like.

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