Evangeline lily dating dominic

Levy said: "She's magnificent to look at, she's soulful, and she's sexy.

I needed someone who you believed had grown up in a man's world.

Evangeline, who is the second of three children, has two sisters. The actress was raised in the Christian religion which was the reason she decided to travel to the Philippines on a three-week mission trip after high school.

This, in turn, led to her decision to study International Relations at the University of British Columbia after she took an interest in global development and humanitarian causes.

Evangeline Lilly is currently not married and does not have a husband.

However, she has been in a long-term relationship with Norman Kali who she has been dating since 2010.

Lilly has stated that future books will each reveal a new Squickerwonker character and unique vice, which will eventually become the undoing of the character.

Evangeline Lilly, who started acting in 2002, has a total net worth of Million.

However, it was her role as The Wasp (Hope Van Dyne) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that solidified her superstar status. Nicole Evangeline Lilly was born in Fort Saskatchewan in Alberta, Canada on the 3rd of August, 1979.

Though born in Alberta, she was raised in British Columbia. Mouat Secondary School where she was not only the vice president of the student council but also a player for the school’s soccer team.

Lilly was encouraged by a friend to audition for ABC's Lost, and did not expect to get cast.

The secrecy campaign meant auditioning actors could not access the full script, could only read short scenes and only knew the basic premise of people surviving a plane crash on a tropical island: this reminded Lilly of The Blue Lagoon and she thought Lost would "at best be a mediocre TV show".

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