Exchange address book not updating blackberry

The Black Berry Hub application looks to the same location the Android OS notification tray uses.If the application (Face Book, Twitter, Whats App, BBM, or Linked In) does not post the new notification in the Android Notification Tray, it will not be shown in Black Berry HUB.Note: If the same account has been added to the Android OS via Settings/Accounts, or another 3rd party application, you may see multiple alerts/notifications for the same message.Choose only one application that you would like to notify you for this account to stop the duplication.Create a Home screen shortcut: This is enabled by default and adds a shortcut, specific to this account, to your home screen Notify me when an email arrives: This setting controls whether or not you will be alerted when a new message arrives.Each account that has been added to the application can be individually configured to alert how you would like it.Once the account has been successfully setup within the social networking application, and has been added to the list of accounts integrated into the Android OS (Settings/Accounts), the Black Berry Hub to be able to access it. Verify the username, password, and account settings with your Email or Internet Service Provider, or IT help desk.

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There's been an issue identified with Android and Microsoft where an Android device integrated with an Active Sync email that enforces policies will suddenly lose the capability to sync email with the mail server.As a workaround you can remove the account and manually configure as an IMAP account during re-integration, please see steps above for configuration information.More information on this can be found by clicking here.Notifications can be adjusted via Settings/Sound & notification, or within the application settings.Sync PIM items: These settings control whether or not the supported PIM items (Calendar, Contacts, Memos, and Tasks) will be wirelessly synchronized to the application.

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