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The more I kept pitching ideas, the more they were rejected.

In the end, I was able to offer them something unique: an engagement event stage without any flowers, or even a chandelier! What do you think other event management firms in Bangladesh lack? You have to have a sense of design, which is not something that you can acquire or learn. Other firms in the industry do have good qualities, but frankly, they are not on our level, because they are not original.

Why should people choose Sygmaz over other event management firms?

People should choose Sygmaz because we are very passionate about our work.

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We have 17 years of experience, 70 employees, a huge warehouse, and our own transportation. Another strength of Sygmaz is that we develop all our designs on our own.We do not copy designs from other companies, or go around copying ideas from the internet. Can you describe how you take a client’s wishes and turn it into reality?Although we are inspired by ideas from around the world, we are always formulating our own. I first ask the customer if they have done their homework. Most of our clients come to us and end up liking our previous work, and want to follow the trend.I always ask my people to send updates through picture of what is happening at our venues, to see how much progress they have made. I figure out when to visit the venue based on the progress.Sometimes I have to eat breakfast in the car if I have to rush to a venue.

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