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For matters concerning the content of this page, please contact its author(s); use the source, if all else fails.For matters concerning the archive as a whole, please refer to the archive description or contact the archiver.Description: The first site has Tcl 7.6p2/Tk 4.2p2 for AIX 4.1, as tar files.The second site has Tcl 7.6/Tk 4.2 as smit-installable releases. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: Description: End-to-end e Commerce solution, developed for Unix-like systems.What: 2Dcbuilder Where: Description: Tcl/tk computer vision support application for building correspondence between world coords from a 2D co-planer camera calibration grid, and pixels in a sample image. Updated: 09/2001 Contact: Description: GNU a2ps is an Any file format to Post Script print filter.

Runs on Windows NT 4.0sp[356], Windows 2000sp1, Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS X. Updated: 03/2003 Contact: (Markus Illenseer) What: Amiga OS port of Tcl 3.x Where: From the contact Description: A port of Tcl 3.x to the Amiga.

nl: Since januari 2019, this archive is no longer maintained/updated.

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