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We’re first introduced to David Traynor, the most showman-like of the cast, who has opened a psychic clinic but works as a hairdresser by day.David is presented as fairly canny and certainly attempts to sell his spiritual insight as a product. It is perhaps an unexpected turn that, after having been introduced alongside a man with whom he lives and deems his “soulmate,” he has a wife called Andrea.But when asked how they’re treated by other people, the psychics invoke terms such as “freaks,” so the parallels between the psychics and outcast identities are clearly there.On the other hand Dean tells us, in accordance with contemporary post-gay standards, “I didn’t find it hard telling people I was gay, but when I told them that I saw dead people, that’s when they saw me as a little bit different.” In a media culture which is increasingly characterized as being post-identity, or without the need for labels, it is interesting that the isolation and marginalization of these identities still shines through, albeit through alternative, depoliticized means.

It’s notable that all of these personalities are socially marginalized beyond their being psychics.Unlike the two men and other woman, she does not seem to be looking for a career as a clairvoyant.She doesn’t perform in front of people, and most of the ghost whispering she does appears to be in the service of her mother.He hopes to expand his repertoire by performing for larger crowds at bigger venues.Less screen time is devoted to Lilyanne, a witch who carries out a séance in the documentary, and 20-year-old Megan, a psychic-in-training who attends a special academy allowing those with the gift to hone their skills.

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