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Hot spot of like-minded individuals, both locals and travellers.Alternative space for gathering in Tbilisi with a great vibe and prodigious space to create and share, co- work, learn, socialize or have a sleepover.Much of the city seemed to be unloved and neglected.I know Georgia is a developing nation and that you can’t judge it in the same way as EU countries, but we didn’t find Armenia to be like this, and as far as I’m aware they are in a similar economic situation.The shop is packed with interesting furniture, souvenirs, clothes and many different kinds of items that you definitely want to grab.This family business is producing eco-friendly DIY furniture with no use of glue or screws. Multi functional cultural center - urban style cafes and bars, artist studios and shops, educational institutions, co-working space, the biggest in the region hostel, mind blowing open space courtyard and ever changing one-off events.As the studio is mostly focused on book design, creating new fonts of a beautiful Georgian alphabet and all kind of printed design the shop is offering art b...

Perhaps you already asked about it’s meaning, but no one gave the answer. Vodkast is the first record shop in Georgia and actively supplies audiophiles with rare sound from modern and old school stuff. Even if you have never been a real fan you just can’t help yourself playing because everyone is so involved, exited and cheerful here.Margo is on its track to creating skate boards under i...Are you a passionate and entrepreneurial mind willing to bring impactful positive change in our world? Impact Hub is a totally amazing co-working space with the international community that unites more than 20000 people in 100 Hubs all around the world and far be...It is not something that one would obviously be waiting to see at Fabrika. A shop so beautiful, you want to become a plant and be placed in one of the shelves of this fresh and energetic place.But that’s what Fabrika is all about: diversity and not obvious decisions. Meeting with friends for a drink or two – definitely at Moulin Electrique. First Moulin has been opened years ago in the old city but comparing the two Moulins is like comparing The Godfather I with The Godfather II. Who else will take a better care of you than Farna and his team of young bright minds.

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