Gta sa dating guide

You can find additional help at the forums should you need it.If you're really stuck, you can email Psy at You were already told what to do in the cutscene, so you need to head up the mountain, kill the witness and bring back proof, in photographic form.This page contains walkthroughs of all of the Countryside missions on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.There are 14 story missions in total before the next section of the map is unlocked.You can use the quick links below to jump to something specific if you know what you're looking for.You'll find a number of links at the bottom of the page which will take you to the mission walkthroughs for other areas.

After a date, you need to wait 5 hours (10 real-time minutes) before calling your girlfriend again.Each girl has an 'initial opinion' of each activity that is available, and each time you take her to a specific place her opinion of it drops by 5, while her opinion of all similar places drops by 1.For example, if you visit the Cluckin' Bell in Star Junction her opinion of it drops by 5, while her opinion of all other Cluckin' Bells in the city drops by 1.When her opinion of a specific place falls below 25, she refuses to go there anymore.In order to get the maximum success out of a date, therefore, you should refer to the initial opinions of all the activities listed in the table below, and try to vary the activities from date-to-date.

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