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Many of them talk about how their male partners have supported their decision to not shave or wax.

Perhaps one day we'll get to a point where the matter won't even be an issue that needs discussing.

Clearly, the fact that a debate has been sparked means the Hairy Legs Club is a positive thing.

Reading through the tumblr posts, the concept has been an inspiration for women to come out the hairy closet.

One post tells the story of an Australian teacher who forced a pupil with learning difficulties to shave her armpits in front of the class.

It's an appalling tale – and clearly it’s the culture of judgment and bullying that should be getting the chop here, not the poor girl’s armpit hair.

But it doesn’t pose any other challenges or health risks.

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Some men would no doubt say they find it disgusting.

But the shaving of body hair is a cultural thing, and that's why attitudes are so ingrained.

Men have been conditioned for decades to find a certain image of femininity attractive, but does the Hairy Legs Club mean that we now risk being called sexist pigs if we endorse that image by saying we find shaved legs more attractive? Sexual desire is arguably man’s most powerful, primal urge, and no one is going to change our preferences overnight. Most modern men support pro-feminist agendas and we try to make amends for the sins of our fathers.

However, it’s your choice to do so for comfort or aesthetic reasons. The most likely causes of this in women are: If you’re a woman and you have unwanted back hair, talk to your doctor about these conditions.

In men, genetics is the most common cause of a hairy back. Both men and women may also experience hypertrichosis, a disorder that causes excessive hair growth all over the body, including the back. If you have a hairy back, you don’t need to remove the hair.

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