Heathy dating

You can talk about things that are important to you and trust that they will listen and support you. By listening carefully and sharing your thoughts and feelings with another person, you show them that they are an important part of your life.

Respect and Trust: In healthy relationships, you learn to respect and trust important people in your life.

It is not always easy to tell if you are in a healthy relationship.

If you are pressured by friends to do things you do not want to do, those friendships may be unhealthy for you.Communication & Sharing: An important part of any healthy relationship is being able to talk and listen to one another.You and the other person can figure out what your common interests are.Relationships take time, energy, and care to make them healthy.The relationships that you make now can be a special part of your life and will teach you some of the most important lessons about who you are.

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