Herpes speed dating

'Many have been judged harshly - more so than men,' she says, 'and even been accused of being "loose women".There was almost a sense of "It serves you right for sleeping round." There is still that double standard in society.'Christine Webber, a psychotherapist and relationships expert, explains.'She said, "Just say to him, 'I have HIV,' and don't add anything. He might need time to think about it." Of course, I have had years to deal with my HIV status, and you can't expect someone to know what they feel about it after a few hours.'Luckily, Andrew wanted to pursue the relationship, and the couple eventually married.However, being with someone who did not share her HIV status proved 'intense' for Sarah.It was like having leprosy.'Now 51, Jessica is single again, having spent 15 years dating with herpes.

Dating With Herpes is here to help you navigate your new social and dating life, and separate the facts from fiction about your new reality.'Andrew was very worried and clinical in his approach to sex.You have to make sure you have condoms everywhere - in the bedroom, in the kitchen and so on.It was very emotionally draining.'When the marriage broke down for other reasons, Sarah decided enough was enough.'I felt it was better I met someone the same status as me.' She joined Date Positive and 'found a whole new world.

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