Hetalia dating flash game

A second, parallel universe Kitakou series based off the unfinished Pure game and taking place in Yokohama.

While the original Kitakou was not intended to be connected to Barjona Bombers, this one takes place in the same continuity and in the same continuity as The Deserted House.

A comic featuring anthropomorphic animal characters and their interactions.It started as a oneshot in 2006, but became a full series later in the year.Originally, Himaruya's prototype idea was a comic about a useless hero living in New York City, but he scrapped the story and reworked it into the personified nations concept.Kitakou Broadcasting Club Pure, which featured changes in designs and the story, however this too failed to get any further than a demo (though it lead to its own comic).A published version of Kitakou was also planned, but has yet to surface.

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