How to sex chat without my email

Men and women are socialized differently, and a lot of the burden of carrying a conversation is placed on women.

There are, of course, exceptions, but on the whole my male friends don’t seem to care as much about leaving a conversation hanging or responding to an open-ended question with a thumbs-up.

” (which you should, because it’s great) don’t respond with, “sounds good.” Why?

Because you just made it sound like you’d rather have your balls elbowed than hang out with her.

Text her, “Hey, I’m in meetings all day, so I’ll be offline, but have a good day and we’ll touch base later!

” If you’re going to bed and you’re done talking, just say, “I’m going to bed now, sleep tight!

And would it kill you to use an exclamation point once? I’m not even asking you to start adding seven extra Os to the word “so.” Just an exclamation point.My female friends, on the other hand, are much more likely to write me a paragraphs-long text to clarify what they think we should do this weekend.My male friends are also afraid that the women they’re texting will fall deeply in love with them if they use anything than the thumbs-up emoji, but my female friends throw heart-eye emojis around like Greenpeace fliers.The battered-shrimp emoji means “you don’t need to respond anymore; the conversation is over.” The closed mailbox with the flag down means “I think we should see other people.” The little blue fish that looks worried means “I slept with your sister.” Alas, society is too busy dealing with Jack’s death on , which means that everyone just needs to learn how to text.This problem is magnified in hetero dating scenarios.

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