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‘Roast yourself’ is the challenge where You Tubers make fun of themselves.Famous You Tuber Ryan Higa firstly introduced the challenge. It’s hard to put you in a box when you keep it so blurry, I think it’s just to hide that you’re secretly a furry. Though Daniel Howell did it in a roundabout, funny way, the Brit was much clear in his message.But, after all, we all are humans with various tastes and different goals.

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Online dating is a huge industry, that makes over .4 in the USA alone (and we are just talking about the data of 2017).Whether you’re a ‘Farang’ wanting to meet a Thai woman online or you are a Thai woman seeking a loving man to fulfill your dreams, Thai Romances wants to make those dreams come true.We’ve both been through our own relationship failures and have learned so much in the process.We hope you will enjoy the site and find new friends and relationships.We think we're the best online Thai dating site on the Internet.

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