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It is the zone of a church accessible by the laity (those not part of the clergy).It roughly corresponds to the contrast between the audience seating (analogous to the nave) and the stage (analogous to the chancel) when people go to the theater or a concert.

Entry into the nave may be direct by doors from the outside, or indirect by way of a vestibule ka the narthex between the outside doors and the nave. on Thursday, Douglas County Sheriff's deputies responded to Coyote Grill in Zephyr Cove after owner Leland Faegre reported receiving a phone call where someone tried to bilk the business out of 0...The nave is the central aisle of a basilica type church or the main body of a church (whether aisled or not) between its western wall and its chancel (the part occupied by the clergy and possibly a choir).Reviews and ratings of Adam De Vine are 100% from users and do not reflect Rate It in any way.*Email used to notify you when the Rate It App launches! Trump obsesses over Mar-a-Lago during FEMA briefing even though hurricane has changed course Raw Story President Donald Trump sought reassurance from FEMA on Sunday that Hurricane Dorian would not hit his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida even though ...

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