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Forget those who ran their mouths in a losing effort or before a disastrous defeat, we're focusing on those who backed up their talk. Enjoy the 50 best trash talk lines in sports history. He ain’t good enough to be my sparring partner.”It is against NFL policy to cover Chad Ochocinco man to man.

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You learn that the great players are not those who don’t get knocked down—everyone gets knocked down—they are those who get up just one more time than they’ve been knocked down. You only have to be better, on that day, than the person across from you. I don’t know whether you did it deliberately, but you had an air about you: this is a business and you are in my way.” * * * And then, just like that, I was kicked out of the academy. I saw it all again with new eyes and truly appreciated it for the first time. It's exciting when a kid wins on the biggest stage. But how much sweeter when a player who once had everything loses it al, and then, miraculously, gets it all back.” ― “It can be hard to define home, especially when you have led a life as crazy and all over the place as mine, but you know it when you're there. I have always known that, every minute of every day.” ― “What sets the great players apart from the good players? The great players win even when nothing is working, even when the game is ugly; that is, when they are not great.” ― “What's defined my game more than anything? You need to know about me and my father and the flight from Russia in the dead of night when I was six. and Sekou and Serena and a nice old couple from Poland. In other words, you need to know everything.” ― “The need to win, is less about the trophies than about beating the other girls.

James would get his revenge, as the Cavaliers would rout the Wizards in six games of that postseason.

James' buddy Jay-Z would also spit a masterful diss."You will never see any player in the entire country play as hard as I will play the rest of the season.

I believe in the power of the mind and visualisation, which is a big part of my everyday life".

Novak Djokovic Article - Visualizatoin Will Increase Your Inner Belief "I remember as a kid, I was improvising and making little trophies out of different materials and going in front of the mirror, lifting the trophies and saying 'Nole was the champion!

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