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This display is also capable of true HDR display, and is capable of impressive brightness; basically, your images and videos will show brighter whites and deeper blacks (without clipping them) and midtones will remain detailed and contrasty.

The i Phone X's camera operation is fairly straightforward.

Some devices may have issues reading these files, but JPEG conversions are fairly painless, though you may need some conversion software if you're a Windows user.

The i Phone X's telephoto lens allows you a different framing relative to the standard lens without the image quality penalty of a digital zoom.

Raw image capture doesn't take advantage of computational approaches that, for example, enable the multi-image capture approach a Google Pixel 2 uses to simulate a sensor 9x its size.Colors though are generally pleasing and images offer the perception of good detail at normal viewing sizes.If you zoom in to check out different parts of the scene, though, you'll notice that fine details really suffer.The selfie Portrait mode is also limited in application, due to struggles with high contrast scenes including backlit subjects, as well as just how far away from your subject's face you need to hold the phone.The i Phone X also comes with panorama capability, though we've been more impressed by competitors' implementations in terms of exposure and handling of scenes with a wide dynamic range (Google Pixel 2's HDR panoramas are impressive).

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