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In "Island Adventures, Part 5: The Titans Show," she was one of the many villains who watched the Titans and their ridiculous antics from afar.When discovered, she joined with Terra, who gave her lift with her strong geokinetic abilities, to beat Raven.The affection was horrible, sickening, and surprisingly strong to her.The Titans then realize this is Rose's weakness and continue their display of friendly affection, eventually leading to her nausea and defeat.At first Rose rejects offering her assistance but is later convinced to do so.

She easily defeats all of the Titans, using sarcastic insults which mentioned sensitive topics, including part of Robin's leprechaun status except for Raven, with whom she has an exchange of insults.

She will make fun of anyone who she thinks is lame with some clever psychological jabs, even if they do not deserve it.

She has an answer or comeback for nearly everything and seems to deeply despise authority - especially if she considers them weak, dull-witted, or lame - and quickly becomes violent and aggressive over being told what to do or being talked down to.

They continue conversation, and silently make fun of Robin's lame comments.

In the two-part episode, "Operation Dude Rescue", Rose was one of the girls Raven and Starfire sought out to get extra help from when planning to rescue her male teammates from The Brain.

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