Is usher dating anyone right now

While we’re not exactly certain when these two ended their relationship, one thing is for sure: They definitely hooked up at least once, as Guzman had a son, Royalty, in 2014 with Brown eventually being named the father.The revelation of Chris Brown’s baby mama caused Brown and Tran to break up.Scooter flew Justin out to Atlanta to meet with him, and they saw Usher on the street, and Justin asked to sing for him, but Usher told him to go inside because it was cold, and walked away. Well JJustin and Usher have become great friends through the music and will continue being friends forever.Justin had met usher at his record company and sung for Usher after Usher had flew Justin and his family to Atlanta to sing for him.

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Currently, Tran has a five-year restraining order against Brown due to threats that he made toward her. Usher has been introducing her as his partner for months.On 2/11/2011 Usher was interviewed by Rusty Gatenby a Reporter for KSTP TV of Minneapolis and St. They were together for two years and broke up in 2003.Paul, MN and Usher confirmed he is dating Pattie Lynn Mallette i.e. This was followed by media frenzy around his Confessions album, as the lyrics in some songs seemed to describe the relationship and the break-up. He lives with Usher because Usher is the person who found him on Youtube and made him famous! The lyrics seem to imply that they broke up because Usher cheated on Chili.

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