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He wasn’t cheating and he’s single but I never pegged him for the type to go out with a girl young enough to be his daughter. Thomas Jane and Renee Olstead, an actress on the ABC Family series The Secret Life of the American Teenager, made their relationship official when they were spotted hand in hand at the Golden Globes.

Thomas and his estranged wife, Patricia Arquette, pulled the plug on their four-year marriage for good last August.

It features everything from a pop song with backup dancers to a pretend action movie trailer, and I guarantee you won’t make it through the whole 27 minutes without sobbing.

Now, four years after their wedding, the Baldonis have two children together, Maiya and Maxwell.

That’s why this news of Jane’s latest relationship just rubs me the wrong way.

According to Star he’s dating a 21 year-old actress he met at a Christmas party.

The actor gushed about his wife to When she’s not playing Jane’s arch-nemesis-turned-good-friend Petra on the show, Groblas can be found spending time with her longtime boyfriend Artem Kroupenev.

So it looks like they gave it a good shot, maybe for the sake of their daughter Harlow, nearly 7.He was miserable for months – until he clicked with Renee at a December holiday party.“The relationship is moving fast, but they’re definitely still in the hot-and-heavy stage, kissing and touching all the time and for all to see,” says an insider.“There is not a moment that I regret that passed me by.”Ugh, cue the emotions. Rodriguez posted an adorable video on Instagram showcasing moments from the wedding, which was filled with family and friends. The wedding was officiated by Rodriguez’ co-star Justin Baldoni.Rodriguez and Lo Cicero have been total #couplegoals since the moment they confirmed their relationship with some gorgeous photos of their romantic Thailand vacation in late 2016 (I mean, can you even?! Rodriguez told in February 2019 that she loves how supportive Lo Cicero is of her career success.

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