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You can populate all fields on the Contact Info tab.The following fields are available for processing: On the Portrait tab during user edit you can select 'Upload image' to be prompted to browse your local storage area and choose an image to upload.

Community Builder integrates all features needed to make your site social and users getting active and interacting on your site: Extend your registration process gathering more data before accepting membership Know your members (use CB fields to characterize your community members) Empower existing members to (front-end) moderate membership actions like new membership approvals, avatar uploads, report handling and banning / unbanning of profiles Enable membership interactions through membership lists, searching of members, connecting to members, email communications, private messages (via udde IM private message system component) Give your members extra privileges and things to do. Personal blogging, image gallery, forum integration (built-in Kunena support), membership groups (using Group Jive component and plugins) and many more additional CB plugins to add even more features and functions.

Make everything work your way by configuring categories, groups and group integrations.

Community Builder User management new user creation interface.

Content items can also be extended via CB fieldtype plugins (example: filetype field) All CB entities (titles, descriptions, values, messages, email notifications, etc) are customizable via language strings and CB supports its own language plugins All profile items are CSS customizable and CB templates can be created and installed as CB plugins (many commercial CB templates exist) Community Builder allows your site to grow big on reasonable hosting servers: You can configure as many fields as you need for your specific community without big impact on performance Community Builder is designed and tested for stability and performance, and runs on many large sites with many concurrent member interactions. X, Mambo), but use Community Builder as any component Community Builder has an excellent security record, with over two years without any major vulnerability discovered and exploited.

Performance audits and database optimizations have been made in cooperation with leading database experts to ensure large site operations. Code security audits are performed regularly, and design and implementation is made with security in mind at all time.

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