Keep dating commitment phobes

Men who are afraid of commitment will find it too “commitment-like” to do the things that you enjoy.It’s kind of like they’re afraid of making you happy because they don’t want you to become attached to them, so acting like a complete jerk is their way of keeping you at a distance. The point is, if you’re guy is this kind of guy, then he’s not really into you (or he’s into himself a little too much). Much like his inability to do anything you like, the commitment phone has to have everything his way.I will tell you now, openly and honestly, that I’ve had enough lovers to know that the ones who give a damn about you will stay and hold you.If he leaves right after sex (Thank you, babe, sorry I have to go… blah blah blah) then he’s definitely a commitment phobe.The next morning I thanked him and told him I really needed that.He replied, “Don’t get used to it,” and walked out the door. Your man might not be as open about his lack of commitment.

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I sent him a text and asked him quite simply if I was crazy.

You might not wake up the morning after sex to hear him say, “I don’t think this is going to work.” Your guy might be more subtle about it.

My ex-boyfriend of about six years ago was that kind.

When we finally did have sex, he rolled right over, turned his back to me, and then told me the next morning that he would rather have an “open relationship.” Mind you, I’d already met his family and some of his friends, too. I, of course, was furious, but a few weeks later, when he tried to make amends, I gave him another chance. He has probably found a lot of right ones; he just got too scared to follow through. However, if he’s had quite a few exes and he insists that none of the break-ups were his fault, then he’s definitely a commitment phobe. Did he suddenly cancel your date at the last minute and blame YOU for it?

There’s no way that every relationship problem was HER fault. If he cancels the plans you made for any reason other than work or an ill family member, and he says it’s your fault for making plans on this day (you know, a day he’s always really busy) anyway, then he’s a commitment phobe.

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