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And that makes for a less romantic, Sleepless in Seoul.

See how crowded Hongdae gets late at night: Koreans are extremely emotional in all facets of life. When a person dies in Korea, it’s not quiet; Koreans give new meaning to the word “cry.” But of course death is an emotional aspect for any culture.

And that means connectivity everywhere: in the subways, on top of mountains and even in elevators.

Just watch any scene in a Korean subway; people are paying more attention to their phones than the people around.

And if you don’t believe us, watch your trash not get picked up! After work, friends like to get together and have dinner with a few drinks. Instead, there’s almost always a round 2 (2차 – i-cha) and sometimes rounds 3, 4 and 5, going on well past most people’s bedtimes.

Good thing there are tons of businesses that stay open in the AM hours.

Just watch any show on Korean television, and you’ll see emotional underdog stories (as can be seen by this Superstar K video) and hear ultra sappy music, a part of any broadcasting company’s repertoire.

Binge watch a Korean drama and you might have your fill of emotions for the week.

Koreans have a (빨리빨리) culture (meaning “hurry, hurry”) which focuses on getting things done as quick as possible.And although life here isn’t like it is in the dramas, we can assure you that the emotions are definitely real!Korea is quite literally one of the most connected nations on earth.It’s kind of a sad really, but Koreans just can’t seem to let their batteries die or leave their house without their phones (is it just us? If you’re addicted to your smartphone, you’ll fit in just fine here in Korea 😉 Korea has a long history with its neighbors to its east and west, and not all of it is bad.If you go to Japan, you’ll see the largest Korean immigrant population in the world.

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