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Their model-like looks are envied by many celebrities as well.” ) of their friend’s child.

Comedian Yoon Sang-min, who attended the event as well, shared some photos that show Uee and Lee Sang-yoon’s attendance.

A similar statement also came directly from Uee as she wrote a post on her personal Instagram (@uieing8849), “Currently filming! The undeniable proof made Uee and Kangnam’s agencies publicly reveal the relationship of their artists.

Yuleum Entertainment specifically reasoned that they originally refuted the rumor because Uee did not want to cause harm to the upcoming drama ( Sadly, Uee and Kangnam’s relationship finished one month later, in August 2017.

Unlike her previous dating rumor with Joo Won, Uee’s relationship with Lee Sang-yoon had been confirmed in May 2016, after an entertainment industry representative revealed that the stars have begun dating at the beginning of the year, after meeting each other at a group meeting.

Prior to their relationship, Uee and Lee Sang-yoon were seen linking arms at the Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) held in Hongkong in December 2015, though at that time they still hadn’t started dating.

The South Korean actor has a solid fan base not just in his own country but across the globe.

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Sometimes they argue but the argument soon passes over.

In 2015, Lee Jong Suk revealed that his ideal type was actress Lee Na Young.

He said that the distinctive talking style of the actress makes her charming that’s why he chose her as his ideal type.

Finally, the most recent dating rumor that Uee has been involved in is with Kangnam, a member of the Korean hip-hop group M. Reportedly, the episode in which Uee and Kangnam appeared hit the best viewer ratings recorded in the show’s history, especially the part where Kangnam swung Uee’s hammock, showing his caring and protective side to her.

Initially, the dating rumor between Uee and Kangnam had been denied by both Uee’s agency (Yuleum Entertainment) and Kangnam’s agency (RD Entertainment), stating that they are only friends. We have eaten meals together with the staff after the show ended but to say that we are dating from that makes me sad???? If I really start dating somebody, I will tell you! #Man Hole.” then came forward and released photos of Uee and Kangnam that show their affectionate moments after meeting up.

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