Kristy joe dating

Blood was found throughout the house, which indicated that there was a struggle that started in the living room and ended in the bedroom.

However, the theory was weakened after police discovered that nothing was missing from the house.

Jeff claimed that one of Kay and Kristie's arguments turned into a physical altercation and that he had to step in to keep them from hurting each other.

She also told her work friend that if anything ever happened to her, she hoped that Kay would not be allowed to raise her son.

They suspected the crime scene may have been staged to look like a robbery. A pillowcase with some items was found next to Kristie, but none of the items were valuable.

TVs, VCRs, jewelry, and other expensive items had not even been touched.

Kristi, Jeff, and Zachary had planned to move back to Texas, which angered the Petralias.

Hello, boyfriend." Joe then remarked: "If a girl comes round a boy's house for a You Tube video, definitely boyfriend and girlfriend." , saying: "Due to their busy schedules and the distance they have separated but they still remain close friends." Shortly after, Anthony dismissed the Strictly "curse" as the reason for their breakup.According to their own accounts, the Petralias were still in the apartment at that time.The Petralias came up again when detectives questioned Kristie's best friend at work.The two seemed to be living a great life, especially after the birth of their son, Zachary.Tragically, on March 31, 1994, Jeff's parents found Kristie murdered in their home.

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