Kyle chandler connie britton dating

All these people had flown in, many who had been a part of this series for all these years.

Everybody was crying, and [executive producer] Peter Berg made a speech.

She did a table read with the rest of the cast, and it was looking like a lock.

The day she finally did a screen test with Cruise, Britton said, she heard that “they just want to screen-test one other actress.” Britton laughed, this time a little more darkly.

Britton played some secondary roles on television, including an ensemble part on the sitcom “Spin City” and smaller recurring ones on “The West Wing” and “24.” And then, 10 years after “Jerry Maguire” had its premiere without her, she was offered a part on a new network series, “Friday Night Lights.” Britton thought the part, a football coach’s wife, was most likely a nondescript role that would take her nowhere; she had played the same small role in the film of the same name.

“You make a decision based on a pilot you have read, that has not been shot,” she said.On her day off, Britton had clipped up her famous hair (the subject of not only its own admiring tumblr but also Twitter hashtags like #conniebrittonshair).She was dressed in leggings and a V-neck sweater, makeup-free, in tortoiseshell glasses and scuffed black boots; later, when she went out for the evening, she threw on a parka.Maybe it’s because all we’ve gotten over the last 5 weeks out of Hollywood has been an onslaught of grossness but… And I haven’t bitched at you in a while about Friday Night Lights. Full Story Check out Julia Roberts on the set of The Secret In Their Eyes yesterday in Pasadena with her husband, Danny Moder, and a fringe. It’s been over a year since we’ve seen Julia at the movies. And by the time this film comes out, it could be another year.

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