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Eventually mom got up went to shower and called me down for breakfast. We just acted normal for the rest of the day, I was so scared that she was going to say something.The night came mom asked me if I wanted to watch another movie that night because there was no school and she said she enjoyed the movie the night before so much. She said she was feeling cold so she same to hold me tight.My dick was so hard especially because she was holding me I could feel her boobs against me.Then she said ‘you are getting older and you will start to learn about these things.We decided to watch movies and have pizza that night.Because it was cold we decided to watch the movie in my parent’s room in bed.Make sure you are logged in to use your Just Chat username.

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The next morning mom woke up first she suddenly felt that her panties were wet, she put her hand in between her legs and felt it there was cum all over, she was shocked and just laid there under the blankets.My penis was against here ass and I started to feel something, it started to get hard.I didn’t know what to do, as it was growing it rubbed against her back.My penis was so hard it started coming out of my shorts until it slipped all the way off from my movements. I moved a little down and my dick went in between her legs. I squeezed and played with her breasts a little still rubbing my dick against her pussy.I continued to thrust back and forth against her panties and pussy. When I couldn’t hold it anymore and suddenly started Cumming in between her legs, it felt so good.

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