Lena heady dating

Alas, in July 2017, a New York Times profile revealed that she is engaged to English director Dan Cadan, with whom she had her second child Teddy.The two had been childhood friends from Yorkshire, England, and in 2009, Lena appeared in his short film .She has been nominated for four Primetime Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a drama series in 2017.

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According to members of the crew, the actors were not “in speaking terms.” As a result of their explosive split, the actors never appeared on screen together, even in Season 8, as Qyburn, “hand of the Queen,” delivers Cersei’s “go kill my brothers” requests to Bronn, ending the show without any direct communication between the two characters. This is where her real-life romance gets almost as complicated as Cersei’s unpredictable political rhetorics in Westeros.

interview but explained that she was pleasantly surprised when Dan proposed to her.

“I always said to him “Don’t ever ask me to marry you” it’s a disaster, but it actually feels really wonderful,” she told the publication.

Her realistic portrayal of television’s most hated villain has subjected the actress to widespread hyperreality condemnation from fans.

In an interview in 2013, she accounted that fans actively refuse to take her autographs and routinely insult her for playing Cersei.

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