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Almost all brothels are upstairs – not exactly the most wheelchair friendly places.“I don’t think a lot of massage parlours are interested in these issues, which is a shame, because it could be a huge business opportunity for them,” says Mc Alpine.Tom Mc Alpine lives with cerebral palsy, which affects his body movement and muscle coordination.He works with Paths Together, a well-being advocacy network working to promote awareness of sexual issues affecting the disabled’s not uncommon for sex workers to have clients with disabilities.”These clients are people like Mc Alpine, who currently feel placed in an extremely vulnerable situation.When his situation of theft was raised, NZPC responded thus: “We’re aware that there have been reports of sex workers or people who pretend to be sex workers stealing money from clients.If you’re unable to chase someone, often that leaves you exposed to people taking from you, both literally and metaphorically.

Living with a disability makes all this so much harder, often isolating individuals who are among society’s most vulnerable. Think about it – plenty of people don’t have sex: St Margaret’s residents, members of youth political parties, people that use Snapchat filters. And they’re all reasonably happy, well-functioning members of society (OK, ‘happy’ is a bit of a stretch for St.It involves showering regularly, wearing inappropriate amounts of deodorant, and forcing yourself to make small talk about their degree.But for those who live with a disability, that struggle can become a lot harder.Not all of us can be like Marilyn Manson and surgically remove our ribs to suck our own dick (allegedly).So ultimately, the disabled community, feeling isolated from their peers, are often forced to turn to sex workers for sexual pleasure, racking up huge costs and problems in the meanwhile.

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